The Recogneyes System for Signage

The products in the Recogneyes© system are about improving the quality of life for both carer and patient. In particular, we create communication products for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, our system of signage and visual aids have proven helpful to people recovering from strokes, managing mental or physical handicaps or other health problems where communication is a particular challenge.

All of our products are developed with expert consultants and specialists in their field, and we are constantly improving design and function in accordance with the latest research.

When developing new products we focus on 5 key elements:

Improved communication

The ability to express ourselves and be understood by others is fundamental to our wellbeing. Our Dementia products are designed to make communication easier between patient and carer.

A greater degree of independence

As adults who are used to living their lives with independence, suddenly lacking a control and understanding of their environment can mean a difficult adjustment for Dementia patients. Our products use visual cues and clear wording to improve recognition and orientation, allowing for greater independence in daily living.

Memory stimulation

Dementia patients may have vast sections of their memory totally unaffected by their illness. By reminiscing on these time periods they often feel more comfortable, happy and safe. We offer a great product line of posters, prints and wallpapers to help people remember and talk about these memories.

Reduced frustration and stress

Imagine not knowing where you are, who the people around you are, or why you are being asked to do something. Aside from the psychological distress that Dementia causes there is an emotional element. Clear signs, visual prompts, communication tools, object labels and our Comforter all provide a greater sense of familiarity and control which can reduce even intense bouts of frustration and stress.

Freedom of choice

Often overlooked, the importance of allowing Dementia patients to maintain a degree of choice within their day to day life can’t be overstated. Our ability to make choices for ourselves lends to our sense of control, freedom and independence. Our products are designed to not only allow Dementia patients to make choices about their food, clothing and activities, but do so in a way that is easy for the carer to manage.