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All of our Dementia products are updated on our website each week, so this is the best place to find information. However, you can also download a copy of our PDF Dementia Signage Brochure or request that a copy be mailed out to you.

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“Clear Living: How to Create a Dementia Friendly Care Environment”

Click below to download our free guide.

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Download our Free Guide.

Based on the leading research,  Recogneyes has worked with Strathclyde University to compile these easy-to-understand guidelines on the best practices for creating living spaces that are safer, more familiar and more comfortable for people with Dementia.

Read about the various symptoms of Dementia, and what you can do to create a friendlier care environment for people living with these issues.

This guide is completely free to anyone who cares for or works with people with Dementia.  We would love your feedback on how this guide has helped you, so remember to connect with us on social media or send us a quick message!