About Dementia

How Stress & Confusion Affects Dementia Patients

The effects of stress can be very damaging to anyone; however in dementia patients the effects can be profound. Reactions to stress are different in persons with Alzheimer’s than in folks with different types of dementia such as Frontal Lobe or a vascular dementia though. The latter two entities can cause a more aggressive reaction […]

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5 Foods for a Healthy Brain

Here are five foods which can help to keep your boost your brain power and maintain its healthiness. They are fairly easy to incorporate into your diet and chocolate is one of them, yes! Berries Blueberries, in particular, can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age related conditions […]

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Dementia

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is an evidence based treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. The idea was devised by Dr Aimee Spector and a team of researchers at University College London. The therapy involves 14 or more sessions of themed, group activities to help people to strengthen their cognitive capacity. The aims of the […]

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57 Ways To Help Dementia Patients

Daily tasks can be a struggle for sufferers of Dementia, but there are ways to help Dementia patients that are simple to implement. One way to make life around the home easier is to make sure items are easy to find and identify. Labelling drawers, cupboards and rooms can reduce disorientation and frustration, leading to a […]

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