Dementia Care

Reminiscence Therapy Benefits and Nostalgia Products in Dementia Care

What is Reminiscence therapy? Reminiscence Therapy (RT) involves the discussion of past activities, events and experiences with another person or group of people. Usually this would be with the aid of physical prompts such as photographs, household and other familiar items from the past, including music and old sound recordings, etc. According to the research, […]

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Create a Comfortable Environment for Dementia Patients

The living environment for someone with Dementia is crucial. If it is poor, then it may cause a rapid deterioration of their mental state due to stress and confusion, for example. The negative effects of stress and confusion are further explained in one of our previous blogs: How stress and confusion affects dementia patients; however […]

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Care Home Room Signs & Directional Signs

Dementia patients can get confused at times when they are trying to navigate their way around, but how do care homes prevent this? At Recogneyes we believe that our door signs and directional signage can help stop the confusion, as they are so clear and easy to understand. Our room signs typically have a bright […]

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How Stress & Confusion Affects Dementia Patients

The effects of stress can be very damaging to anyone; however in dementia patients the effects can be profound. Reactions to stress are different in persons with Alzheimer’s than in folks with different types of dementia such as Frontal Lobe or a vascular dementia though. The latter two entities can cause a more aggressive reaction […]

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Why Visual Aids Benefit Dementia Patients

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients have difficulty in perceiving and remembering feature bindings. Objects are generally composed of several different features, including: colour shape Often the objects in a given scene share many visual features. For example, many objects on a desk like a computer mouse, mobile phone, and pen, could be coloured black or white […]

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Storytelling and Dementia

Care homes across the UK will be taking part in National Storytelling Week next week as it celebrates it’s 14th year.  Storytelling is usually associated with adults reading to children, but this rich part of our heritage has a lot to offer people of all ages.  Oral storytelling plays an important role in almost every […]

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