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Energy Boosting Ideas for Carers

Feeling fatigued? If you work in the care industry you are at an even higher risk of feeling tired and drained due to long hours, being on your feet all day and having an emotional aspect to your job. ┬áHere are our top tips for boosting your energy. Even better, most of them are fast […]

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5 Foods for a Healthy Brain

Here are five foods which can help to keep your boost your brain power and maintain its healthiness. They are fairly easy to incorporate into your diet and chocolate is one of them, yes! Berries Blueberries, in particular, can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age related conditions […]

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Yorkshire Puddings with a Healthy Twist

Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day with this daring take on a traditional favourite. Yorkshire Puddings have to be at the top of most British people’s comfort food list.  This recipe adds Turmeric, which has anti-inflamatory properties and antioxidants.  The spice adds an earthy flavour to the batter which can also be enhanced by a pinch of […]

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