Dementia Signage a Growing Priority in Ireland (Press Release)

Sales for specialty Dementia signage for care homes in Ireland more than doubled in 2013, reports retailer Recogneyes. 2013 saw record awareness campaigns for Dementia, both from the government and charitable organizations. However, it was from Ireland, rather than the mainland UK that the care signage brand saw most growth. “Care home managers often express […]

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Free Guide to Dementia-Friendly Environments

Scottish University collaborates with signage company to create a free guide to creating Dementia-friendly care environments. A new set of resources to help carers create Dementia-friendly environments is to be released free of charge later this year.  The guides and fact sheets will summarise the most common challenges faced, and offer simple tips to making […]

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Our Dementia Action Alliance Pledge

Dementia now affect millions of people, and we believe it is vital to start learning and responding to this challenge.  We have created a list of goals for our Dementia Action Alliance pledge that outline what we want to accomplish over the next few months.

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Recogneyes Dementia Signs Help Care Home win Top Award

Recogneyes is thrilled to be part of the recent success of Scotland’s first care home to win the Highly Commended award from the Dementia Services Development Centre at Stirling University. The 3 Bridges Care home in Glasgow underwent a full Dementia design audit from experts at one of the UK’s leading Dementia research facilities and […]

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Give A Little Comfort For Christmas

Our revolutionary Comforter has already brought a sense to calm into the lives of many customers throughout the UK, and during the festive season we want to help ease the stress on more families who may have a loved one who experiences agitation, stress and frustration. The many tactile features of our Comforter keep hands and minds […]

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