January 21, 2015

Create a Comfortable Environment for Dementia Patients

The living environment for someone with Dementia is crucial. If it is poor, then it may cause a rapid deterioration of their mental state due to stress and confusion, for example. The negative effects of stress and confusion are further explained in one of our previous blogs: How stress and confusion affects dementia patients; however these negative effects can be reduced, or even avoided with a properly organised living environment. This is where we can help!

As you know, we provide custom signage and visual aids. These are proven to improve the visual memory retention in Dementia patients, as well as reduce stress and confusion, therefore protecting the mental condition of the patient from rapid decline.

Allow us to paint a picture: A patient at your care home decides that they’d like to go from their room to the lounge area to watch the television. However, on their way they take a wrong turn and travel down the wrong corridor. This may seem trivial to others, however this loss of bearings has a significant effect on the patient and they become confused. The patient becomes confused because their surroundings are not that of the lounge. As a result their stress levels rise as they try to remember where they were going and work out where they currently are. This situation can be avoided though, by the strategic use of our directional signs. If the patient were to see our bright and easy to read directional sign (designed specifically for Dementia sufferers) pointing the way to the T.V. lounge then they wouldn’t need to use their concentration to remember the way. This provides the patient much greater independence, something which we believe to be vital to Dementia patients.

Another example is dinner time. The patients are to decide what they are going to eat, but the menu is text only and the font is rather small. Patients may end up ordering something that they dislike, which would make anyone unhappy! Our solution to this problem is our large, magnetic menu boards which can display a selection of meals using our large range of magnetic menu cards. These clearly display each item on the menu with large font and a picture to aid visual retention.

A1 Magnetic Menu Board

We hope that these everyday examples help you understand some ways to improve living conditions for Dementia patients.

It is our goal to increase the independence of Dementia patients, thus allowing them to enjoy life with a little more dignity. We hope you can help!

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