October 3, 2014

Product Feature: Magnetic Menu Boards

How do care homes best display what will be on the menu for residents for a certain meal on a certain day? Well, here at Recogneyes, we think our large Magnetic Menu Boards are the best way. Here is our A1-size menu board; an example of one of the types of magnetic menu boards we produce:

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These are a clear and simple way of displaying food items on a certain day, for a certain meal, and come with a starter pack of 60 magnetic food items to get you started. These boards were carefully designed to avoid visual clutter whilst having visual cues, in the form of memorable pictures, for each item.

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Since dementia patients have difficulty retaining information, the menu boards are an ideal way of informing them of their food choices while reducing stress. Patients may struggle to identify their likes and dislikes when reading a text-only menu or listening to a carer inform them verbally . When faced with a menu board they can see what meal is being served and what is on offer with a visual reminder of their choices, thus helping to improve the visual memory retention. There is minimal stress to the patient/resident, as there is no irrelevant information to confuse them and everything is in large letters so is easy to read and understand.

So, as you can see, there are a great many benefits in adopting our magnetic menu boards, and to make things more personal we can incorporate a company logo or emblem on the boards for no extra cost.

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