Custom Door Vinyl

Custom Door Vinyl

Disguise doors from Dementia patients with our attractive and easy-to-fit custom door vinyls.

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Product Description

Keep Dementia patients safe by disguising doors to private, sensitive or off-limits areas with our custom printed door vinyls.

Care homes have cleverly disguised doors as bookcases, windows with a view, or just as a plain wall.   This removes the natural urge to open a door out of curiosity or when a patient is lost.

Locking doors to supply cupboards or other working areas can cause hassle for staff who may need to access these rooms frequently, however, patient safety is of top priority.

By “hiding” a door in plain sight with clever graphics, you can reduce problems without taking drastic measures.

tick Door Vinyls  Easy to Apply

Strong adhesive backing lets you quickly and easily apply the vinyl to any interior door, without any special tools or skills.


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